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Sunday, May 17, 2015

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

"When I write I hold nothing back." This book was outstanding. The writing style was beautiful and deep and descriptive and so relatable it made me think she was writing about me. The characters were funny and cute and smart and witty and perfect and relatable. And I was hooked from the first page. Ever since I heard the description for this book, I have been wanting it. And I read it. And I loved it. 
Lara Jean: You are me but in book form. You are funny and adorable and just so amazing I can't even explain. I love your fashion sense and how you think. 
Kitty: You are funny. So funny. And I love how determined and headstrong you are. You are so real and so genuine that I can't 
even begin to believe that you are 9 years old.
Peter: I wanttttt youuu! You are funny and sweet and I'm in love.
Josh: I wanttttt youuu but seriously you are kind an adorable and loving and just everything I want in a man I just
I loved these characters so much. And I loved everything about this book. Very excited to read P.S I Still Love You. So overall I give this book 5/5 Stars. Jenny, you have written a story that I love and can't wait to read more of. So excited to read more of your talent. 

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