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Sunday, May 24, 2015

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

(MY FACE IS SUPPOSED TO BE CUT OFF BTW😂😂😂)I liked this book. But not as much as I was expecting which was a bit disappointing. I did really like it though. I really liked the characters and the world and the plot and it was all really well put together! 
Laia: You are so strong and so much like your mother. You are beautiful and kind and selfless and incredible. But be cautious, not stupid.
Elias: I love you. You are so sweet and so caring and you are so unique. I can't believe you survived all of that and I'm so proud!
Commandant: Go screw yourself. 
I really liked the world, though I don't think a lot of it was explained so I really wish we had some more of that. But we did get quite a bit and I enjoyed that. All the characters went through incredible development and that I was so in love with. The thing that really peeved me about this book was that for the first 150 pages or so, it was incredibly slow for me. 4.5 stars and a 93% rating! I overall enjoyed it but there are some thing Sabaa could work on. Nice job! 

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