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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fire in the Woods by Jennifer M Eaton

Shut up I love this little alien man ok😂💕
I loved this book. Every time I turned the page, a new twist and new surprise was waiting for me. I just loved how quirky and fun and sweet and real Jess was. And David was so sensitive and adorable and I just loved them. This world that Jennifer has created is filled with wonderful surprises and great characters that you fall in love with *snaps fingers* like that.
Jess: I love how true you are. You are not cocky, you are sarcastic. You have the courage to cry and not be all like "oh I'm sad" ok let's kick ass. You say "yes I'm sad let me take a minute" and those are real moments that would happen to real people. I applaud how true you are and I love you.
David: You are so cute and funny and sarcastic and tough, but only when you want to be. I loved your character and your love for Jess.
Dad: You gotta loosen up. Jess knows more than you about them.
I loved the way Jen wrote. She was real and true and hopeful and surprising and I just had so much fun with this book. She has created a world that you just get shocked on every page. 5 stars.

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