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Friday, November 14, 2014

Meeting Robin LaFevers! (Author of Grave Mercy)

Hello Bookaholics! So today I have story to share! So why don’t we get started!

On tuesday my dad and I decided to take a trip to the mall. We walked into Barnes and Noble and I saw The Bane Chronicles and I freaked out.
As my dad and I were walking I went on and on saying how much I wanted to read it and we walked past a book signing for Robin LaFevers! I freaked out again and begged my Dad for Grave Mercy(by Robin LaFevers). He finally said yes and I immediately grabbed a book so I could check it out.
After waiting in line I finally got to meet her. She was so kind and I absolutely loved meeting her!

Thank you so much Robin for coming to my local Barnes and Noble! It was great meeting you!

-xoxo Maeve

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